'Bieber Fever' Hits Westfield SouthPark

Moms rock like Justin Bieber to win movie tickets and party for their daughters.

Dads were supposed to comb their hair like Justin, climb on stage and sing a minute of Baby to win a Bieber party pack for their daughters.

But guess what? "We found out dads are wimps," said Andy Selesnik, general manager of .

So moms came to the rescue. The mall's "Does Your Dad Have Bieber Fever" contest Thursday evening turned into a female-only battle to win a prize package that included 10 tickets to Bieber's new movie, Never Say Never, 10 meals, 10 Blizzards and 10 $10 gift cards.

Oh, and the winning mom also got a Wonka gold card for a six-month supply of candy -- 200 candy bars in all.

About eight moms took the dare as a crowd gathered to watch. Most relied on a sheet of printed lyrics, which must have been due to jitters considering how many times they've probably heard Baby played in their house.

Winner was Adelle Borchetta of Berea, who was at the mall with her husband and happened to pass the stage.

"My step-daughters are going to be really happy," she said.

All the moms who participated received two tickets to Never Say Never.


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