Patch Reads: Three New Books for a New Month

Here are recommendations from Strongsville librarians

Reviews by librarians Jennifer Niederhausen, Dona Stein and Heather Timko
, adult Services Division
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A new month brings a new selection of wonderful books that you must pick up.  Stop in to your local library to choose these and many more new titles. 

Happy reading!

Gilded Age: a Novel By Claire McMillan, July 2012, 244 pages. 

A modern and imaginative retelling of Edith Wharton’s House of Mirth set in Cleveland gives this new release a special appeal to Cleveland-area readers.  Ellie Hart returns to Cleveland in disgrace following a high-profile divorce. Ellie’s one goal when she returns to the viper pit of Cleveland high society is to marry, and to marry well. This book is even more enjoyable to those who have read the classic first.


What the Nanny Saw By Fiona Neill, August 2012, 464 pages.

When her privileged employers become the focus of a financial scandal at the height of the economic crash, Ali the trusted nanny finds her loyalties tested by a reporter who taps her as an insider with unique perspectives into what various family members have hidden from each other. Will Ali remain loyal to the family who never saw her as anything other than the help? Or will she tell her side?  This book will surely please readers looking for a page turning and engrossing new novel.   

You Came Back By Christopher Coake, June 2012, 416 pages.

Thirty-something Mark Fife believes he has successfully moved past the accidental death of his young son Brendan, as well as his subsequent divorce from his college sweetheart Chloe. He's successful, he's in love again, and he believes he's mastered his own memories. But then he is contacted by a strange woman who tells him not only that she owns his old house, but that she believes it to be haunted by Brendan's ghost. Will Mark come to accept the mounting evidence that Brendan's ghost is real, and will his engagement to his new love Allison be threatened by the reappearance in Mark's life of Chloe? This gripping novel is a great read for those that enjoy good fiction dealing with family relationships.


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