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Summer is in full swing. Why not take a relaxing break and head over to the library? We have these and many more new books available to take home.  Happy reading!

Abdication: a Novel By Juliete Nicolson, May 2012, 344 pages.

Downton Abbey fans will enjoy this entertaining period drama that captures the year 1936 that Edward VIII abdicated through the eyes of three bystanders, a young exotic female chauffeur named May, a clumsy spinster who was a girlhood friend of Wallis Simpson, and an idealistic young man who falls in love with May.  The romance and scandal of Edward and Wallis as well as the rumblings of war serve as  backdrop to this tale of hidden truths and undeclared loves.

Afterwards: a Novel By Rosamund Lupton, April 2012, 386 pages.

From the author of the acclaimed bestseller Sister comes a gripping, thrilling story of a mother who will do anything to protect her child. The school was on fire, and Grace's last memory is of trying to reach her daughter, Jenny, trapped inside the inferno. While their burned bodies are frantically cared for by doctors, Grace and Jenny awaken in the hospital in a strange in-between state. When they learn that someone purposefully set the fire, and Jenny may still be in grave danger from someone who wants her dead, Grace realizes she may be the only one who can discover who might be responsible. With its hint of a Jodi Picoult family saga blended with an eerie Ruth Rendell mystery, this novel should appeal to readers of both genres.

The Newlyweds By Nell Freudenberger, May 2012, 337 pages. 

Leaving her Bangladesh home to marry a New Yorker who wooed her online, Amina finds the marriage challenged by secrets and her struggles to find a place for herself in America. This novel is a surprising, suspenseful story about the exhilarations and real-life complications of getting, and staying, married. It stretches across continents, generations and plains of emotion. This book is a stunning achievement and highly recommended. 

Reviews brought to you each week by librarians Jennifer Niederhausen, Dona Stein and Heather Timko, 
Adult Services Division
, Strongsville Branch Library.


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