I am the Anti-Abercrombie & Fitch

The world is full of soft, round, curvy women who need to be proud of how they look. And one way to do that is to have clothes that fit your size and your style.

By now, most of you have seen the YouTube video of the man who's buying up A&F clothes from thrift stores and handing them out to homeless people. I heartily agree with his effort to destroy the brand of a CEO who has the nerve to tell people they are too ugly or too fat to work in his stores or wear his clothes. There are enough of us out there with damaged body-images. No neet to create more!

I am among the soft, curvy, round women in the world who object to being classed as "not cool." I hate seeing big, beautiful women schlepping around in clothes that look like sacks because they couldn't find anything that fit. That's one of the reasons I started sewing and designing clothes. And I got good at it!

I run a small custom clothing and costume business and many of my clients are large women looking for something special. I have fit just about every figure type with the exception of the "American Ideal." She exists only in the heads of most of the media and fashion designers of the world.

My favorite moment in the design & sewing process is when a client looks in the mirror and sees how beautiful she is. It really does happen. I sewed a dress for a bridesmaid who weighed close to 300 pounds. When she tried on the under-dress (there were several layers of chiffon going on top of it), her eyes got wide, she smiled and squealed, "I don't look like a tube of red lipstick. I have a shape!" She had never worn anything that fit correctly.

That's not a singular occurance. It's happened a good number of times in my almost 8 years of professional sewing. And it's the best part of my job.

So, don't let the BS get you down. You are beautiful just the way you are. Choose clothes that fit your figure. Don't try to squeeze yourself into something that's too small for the sake of "fashion." Look at yourself in the mirror and figure out what shape you are. A pear, an apple, a rectangle, an hourglass? Do you have broad shoulders and narrow hips? Generous hips and no bust? No curves at all? There's nothing wrong with any of those shapes.

Do your homework. There is plenty of information out there about dressing for your shape. And I'll be blogging about that in the future, too. But don't be too addicted to the rules. Sometimes you get a great look by breaking them! Or consider having clothes made for you or altered professionally. It makes all the difference in the world!

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Resident of Kent May 20, 2013 at 11:35 PM
I'm just surprised at how the man buying and giving out A&F clothes to the homeless is the hero when in fact he's feeding into that theory that homeless people will take anything because they're bums, ie: giv'em anything you want to throw away, they'll take it- they have no worth themselves. Ya know, some crafty PR Firm COULD turn this guys actions into an upspin for A&F..
lyn May 20, 2013 at 11:54 PM
Unfortunately, right or wrong, this man said what the majority of society feels. What is the body type of a Hooters waitress? What is the body type on the Victoria Secret underwear TV show? What is the body type of a cheerleader? These are all small figured ladies. They feature "beautiful" people when advertising expensive cars - Lexus,... In the fashion section of newspapers, the women are thin. There is a small amount of advertising geared towards the larger woman - but you have to admit that advertisers use the thin models most of the time, especially when the product is more expensive. And that is the market this guy wants. And he feels if others wear his clothes, the clothing will become less desirable because the thin, beautiful people will no longer want what the big person is wearing. What you have done - created your own line, is what is needed. If there is a need for this type of store, then people should pursue it. But people are not obligated to do so. If someone is going to be a jerk and say he just wants to sell to thin beautiful people, then that will be his customer. And, these people who are willing to pay for the "privilege" of paying for his clothes are just as stupid as those who pay outrageous amounts for homes and cars just for the status and ability to say they can throw money around foolishly. They think it separates them from the lowlifes.
lyn May 21, 2013 at 12:12 AM
Yes. I agree. The guy giving away A & F clothes to the homeless is validating the guys point about who is worthy of this stores clothes. To give away A & F clothes to homeless to make a point, this "generous" individual is actually himself being selective about who he thinks is the least worthy of society. He is himself discriminating against these poor people by deciding who is the least worthy to wear A & F clothing. So, his judgement is just as bad, if not worse. How would you like to be handed a A & F shirt by this guy? That would mean that you are the lowliest of society - in his eyes.
wmfr May 21, 2013 at 01:39 PM
The writer sounds bitter. Work out, cut down on sodium and eat healthier. I
wmfr May 21, 2013 at 02:25 PM
I love how you bash the CEO yet don't post the interview or any information to back up your claims


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