Discount Tire Plans Hit a Roadblock

City planners don't support Whitney-Pearl rezoning

A national tire store that sought to rezone property at the southwest corner of Pearl and Whitney roads has hit a bump in the road.

The Arizona-based Discount Tire, which calls itself America's Largest Independent Tire Dealer, , including part of the former Quality Catering spot.

But the city Planning Commission voted 6-0 last week against recommending the rezoning.

City Council could overturn the recommendation, but council members have already said they have issues with the proposal.

At a Planning Commission meeting Sept. 6, Assistant Law Director Dan Kolick said the company was seeking to rezone 1.1 acres for Motorist Services use, although city code typically requires 2 acres for MS zoning.

Kolick cautioned the commission that even though Discount Tire filed the application, once the property is rezoned, any other vehicle-oriented business -- including a gas station -- could move in if Discount Tire changes its mind about building in Strongsville.

Residents in the area adamantly opposed a proposal by  last year to build on that corner. The gas station to build on the same corner, but on the other side of Pearl Road.

City officials had concerns about the Discount Tire plan because it appeared the store would occupy only part of the Quality Catering property, and might not raze the vacant building.

Council President Mike Daymut said in April the city would rather see a project that would include the entire area, not just a small portion.

The two parcels are currently zoned General Business and Restaurant-Recreational.

Discount Tire indicated in its application it was purchasing the property.

The company operates more than 800 stores in 23 states, according to its website. 


lyn September 11, 2012 at 01:53 PM
I'd RATHER see Sheetz at that location instead of the other side they now want to build. That intersection is a good spot, don't get me wrong. But with Lowe's and other outbuildings to be built there, putting Sheetz there also will add sooooo many other cars coming and going to the NE corner. I really think the SW corner is MUCH better for traffic and it would be off by itself. Right now that SW corner has been a real eyesore - a Sheetz would be an improvement. The one at Prospect and Royalton isn't a dump, so what is the problem with letting that parcel be developed as would benefit the city and traffic concerns?
lyn September 11, 2012 at 02:25 PM
RE: 1.1 acres they mention for that corner. IF the 2 parcels (the very corner and where the party center is) on the county records are being sold and the lot size is correct as listed for both (55,000 and 30,056) - that would be 1.952617 acres
Debbie Palmer September 11, 2012 at 03:12 PM
Lyn, as I understand it, they're not seeking a rezoning for the entire party center lot. That was one of the concerns -- that Discount Tire's preliminary plan did not include razing the building there.
Diane M September 12, 2012 at 12:52 PM
I do not want a big ugly red sheetz on the corner of our street. We were promised a small office building and restaurants. We have enough traffic on that corner, try turning left on to Whitney between 4 and 6! The people that own the old Quality Catering should be responsible for the up keep of that building or the demolition of that building.
lyn September 12, 2012 at 01:20 PM
Seems to me rather unreasonable to expect the city to decide where a needed gas station on 1 of 2 major roads in a city of 45,000 should be nixed by a handful of people who just don't want it there. That area has always been well traveled, back to the time when people stopped there overnight from the turnpike. So, it is no new recent news that this is an area to be developed, and there has been a need for a large gas station at that end, and that IS the best corner for it!


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