Discussion Delayed on Sheetz, O'Charley's Rezoning

Planning Commission makes no recommendation yet on parcel at Whitney and Pearl


Strongsville's Planning Commission took no action on a request to rezone two parcels of land at the corner of Whitney and Pearl roads Thursday night, delaying a recommendation until project developers can make a presentation.

But commission members indicated they were pleased with preliminary plans submitted by O'Charley's and Sheetz for a restaurant and gas station/car wash at that corner.

Assistant City Engineer Lori Daley said the developers have been working with the city since at least the beginning of the year on a plan for the two businesses.

Both were introduced in January by WXZ Development Inc., which is seeking to develop the vacant land in front of Lowe's.

WXZ is wants to rezone one parcel from General Business to Restaurant-Restaurant Services for O'Charley's and the other from General Businss to Motor Services for Sheetz.

Daley said customers would get to O'Charley's via the existing Broxton Road -- the street that runs from Pearl to Lowe's -- and a new access road that would be built off Whitney Road and run behind the new businesses, connecting with Broxton.

Sheetz would also be accessed by another right-turn-in-only lane off Whitney, and by a driveway off Pearl Road.

Both northbound and southbound Pearl Road traffic would be allowed to turn into Sheetz, and a deceleration lane would be added in front of the business for vehicles turning right.

Leaving the business onto Pearl, traffic would be allowed to turn right -- northbound -- only.

Mayor Tom Perciak said the city has been waiting for years for development at that corner, stalled when two successive developers hit financial roadblocks and abandoned their plans.

"We're trying our very best to do something with that corner," Perciak said. "We finally have somebody who wants to do something there."

At a public meeting early this year, some local residents and one councilman opposed a Sheetz in that location.

The Planning Commission could make a recommendation on the rezonings as early as Oct. 4.

City Council will have the final say.

James Murphy December 14, 2012 at 12:54 AM
that whole area needs a facelift what other gas stations (more than 1) there is only 2 gas stations in 8 miles between strongsville at boston and I-71
Diane M December 14, 2012 at 02:21 PM
There is Shell and Marathon on Fowls and Pearl, another one across from Salvation Army one on 130th and Albion, 3 on RT 82. I think that about covers Gas in our area! Yes it needs a faclift but if you live in the area we would like the same consideration as the South end and put something up that is needed not just except anything!
lyn December 14, 2012 at 10:05 PM
Not sure what your point is. Fowles and Pearl is in Middleburg. Why are we counting those stations outside of the city? If you want to count those, also count the 3 gas stations between Boston and Grafton in Brunswick. I would like a gas station here in my own town to go to when I need gas, and not have to drive to either end of 82 to stay in town. As of now, you got the gas station across from Lowes and the south end has Clark. To come on Pearl - Sheetz at the north end and Get Go at the south end. What is your complaint? Both these new gas stations are needed at both ends. We are a large city and Pearl is a main road. You seem to be implying special preference is given to the south end, but you seem to forget what is coming - and we welcome that gas station down here. We want our eyesore of a corner cleaned up and can't understand why you up at that end want to look at your eyesore of an empty corner. Try seeing the positive in this. There isn't much negative, only if you choose to see the glass as half empty rather than half full.
Diane M December 14, 2012 at 10:32 PM
You said WE welcome the gas station, don't speak for everyone on this end of town. I do live right down the street from this property. I know a lot of my neighbors are not happy with this development project. Have you seen a Sheetz it is ugly and not only that is will be open 24 hours just like Walmart. We see enough prostitues, drunks and drug deals in this area. We don't need another 24 hour place that attracts this kind of behavior. I would have loved to see the interior design place go up on this spot. I am also excited about the Charlies Rest. just not the gas station.
lyn December 14, 2012 at 11:33 PM
Reread my comment. I was speaking for those at the south end. But you are right, there may be some down here who might not want the Get Go, or other gas station, and would rather look at our corner eyesore at Pearl and Drake. As for you "prostitues, drunks and drug deals", I can't imagine that a Sheetz will bring more of that element. I take it that you blame a Walmart for all these things and think none of these ailments existed 15 years ago. As I remember, that area was littered with no-tell motels and the apartments in that area were not the best part of town to be out and about after dark. So, unless you are new to the area, or have short term memory loss - think back to what was once there. And, then decide if people pumping gas and buying hotdogs is really worse. Speaking of ugly, so how were those run down no-tell motels looking and that dumpy corner? Walmart and Sheetz is a big improvement. What do you want, a Legacy Village? You build in an area what is comparable to the area - and that is not a Legacy Village! The developer has to think about the people who will be using there services, and so you have to consider the demographics of the surrounding area.


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