Giant Eagle Seeks Architectural OK on Market District Store

Plans to be tweaked; company will return next month for a vote

officials are asking the city's Architectural Review Board to sign off on drawings of a Market District store on Pearl Road, the first in a line of approvals needed before the grocery store can break ground.

In a meeting Tuesday morning, the board complimented the look of the store, which architect Loren Wright said features different heights, materials and colors to break up a potential "big box" look.

I think they did a great job on the design," Building Commissioner Tony Biondillo said.

But the board raised a number of other issues:

• Screening. Phil Bishop of Echo Realty, the development company, said the store is proposing an 8- to 12-foot mound to the rear, topped by a 6-foot wall or fence, which he said would block the store from the view of most -- although maybe not all -- residents abutting the site.

He also suggested a wall of 8-foot arbor vitae on the mound, but Jennifer Milbrandt, the city's coordinator of natural resources, asked for groupings of pine or spruce trees instead.

"It wil give them (residents) a little more cover and the deer won't eat them," she said.

• Parking. As it stands, the store would provide 926 spots, well in excess of the 550 required. But Todd Waldo, Giant Eagle's senior manager or real estate, development and construction, said 175 to 200 of those would be occupied by employees at any given time. 

Parking could become an issue because City Engineer Ken Mikula is asking the company to move the store forward 30 feet to accommodate Hunting Meadows residents, which would cost the store more parking spaces.

• Noise. Between five and eight large trucks will deliver at the loading dock every day, in addition to eight to 10 box trucks from bread, beverage and other suppliers. There will also be noise from trash compactors.

City officials want more assurance that the noise won't disturb nearby residents, especially at night and in the early morning.

Plans for the store also include two outbuildings. Tenants haven't yet been identified for either, Bishop said.

The company wants to install a traffic signal at the store's southern driveway, opposite Knowlton Parkway.

Giant Eagle hopes to break ground this summer on the store, making Strongsville the home of the first ground-up Market District in northeast Ohio.

include a vast array of specialty sections, an in-store cafe and a pharmacy. Voters in March approved a rezoning on the and property to clear the way for the store to be built.

The company is expected to set up a work session with the ARB in early June and return to the board's next meeting June 12 to ask for plan approval. The site plans will then go back to the Planning Commission.


lyn May 23, 2012 at 10:59 PM
Colin- "awful store" - I think not. Just take a look at the new store in Broadview Hts.. This one in Strongsville will be even better! your "potty mouth"- ignorant poster lacking anything valid to add to this discussion "compensation"???? - now they want ... what, money? That's a new one, and I hope I misunderstand what you mean by that word. If I want to follow this story and comment, that is what this online newspaper is for. If you don't like people doing this, why are you doing it yourself. I'm interested in what is happening in Strongsville and seeing it be a better community. And my comments are input towards that. What you call "berate" was my response to Courtney. So, tell Courtney to shut up. But she has a right to comment as well.
Courtney True-Smith May 23, 2012 at 11:15 PM
I hate being a part of this conversation any more than necessary, but lyn, you're extremely wrong. Neither Colin nor myself have mentioned compensation. Joe mentioned it. Please read what is being said before making comments. Also, just thought I'd mention that the accommodations were brought up by the board. As stated in the article: "But the board raised a number of other issues..." and "City officials want more assurance that the noise won't disturb nearby residents."
lyn May 23, 2012 at 11:32 PM
Courtney- I'm sorry to correct you, but you need to reread Colin's post and heed your own advice. He said "if the fine folks of Hunting Meadows want to try and get some sort of compensations for their losses then let them have it." and then Joe referred to what Colin said, in quotes - meaning he was repeating what Colin said.
tom m May 23, 2012 at 11:35 PM
incorrect courtney colins post clearly read .....Clearly you've won the big picture so if the fine folks of Hunting Meadows want to try and get some sort of compensations for their losses then let them have it. ...so as you stated Please read what is being said before making comments ... Just remember to keep your windows closed because in a few months the earthmovers will be kicking up lots of dust
joe simonton May 24, 2012 at 01:47 AM
I would think the smell of the trash compactors will be worse than the dust (not to mention the 2 AM snow plows cleaning the lot for 5 hours)


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