Goldie's Has Star-Studded Array of Deli Sandwiches

The Strongsville Gourmet likes his celebrity menu hot and cheesy

At first, I was pining for Marilyn Monroe. She was the right mix of what I was looking for and, oh, that bun. Then, Judy Garland crept into my mind. She appeared well rounded, with just a hint of being different and seemed like the right choice for me. That is until I caught a glimpse of Vivian Leigh. Oh, Vivian was smoky and simply yummy looking.

Then I heard of this hot, cheesy dish from Philly and that was the end.

I can’t say no to a Philly cheese steak sandwich and that was one of the daily lunch specials offered on a busy Monday afternoon at , 13500 Pearl Road. It came with fries, which at Goldie’s means steak fries. I wolfed it down quickly.

As for Marilyn, Judy and Vivian, they’re a part of Goldie’s Star Combos. Miss Monroe is a tasty mix of turkey breast, Romanian pastrami, mozzarella cheese, lettuce and tomato served on a kaiser roll. Judy Garland is roast beef, turkey, cream cheese, lettuce and tomato on wheat bread. Vivian Leigh is smoked ham, roast beef, provolone, lettuce and tomato on wheat.

Other “star” choices include Elvis Presley, James Dean, Clark Gable, Joan Crawford (she’s always scared me), Humphrey Bogart, W.C. Fields and the king of croon and, in this case, turkey, Frank Sinatra.

If you’re not comfortable hanging with a celebrity sandwich, Goldie’s also offers plenty of your deli favorites, from corned beef to egg salad, without being attached to a star. I hear the Clevelander, corned beef and pastrami topped with cole slaw on rye, is a popular choice with their very loyal customers. Count me in as one.

Goldie’s makes a great breakfast, too. Don’t pass up one of the best breakfast deals around town. Monday through Friday you can get two eggs any style, choice of ham, bacon or sausage (links or patties), hash browns or home fries and toast for $2.49. Wowzer! That beats McDonalds for a cheap, tasty sun riser. Add a buck for weekend and holidays.

I really like Goldie’s. It’s one of those friendly, local places that you can run in for a quick bite with friends. I sat near a table of four having lunch together (all corned beef) before they caught a matinee movie. (I wonder what they were seeing?) At the other end of the room was a very large church group having lunch. This place can easily accommodate any size party.

If you’re there by yourself, like I was, the waitresses are all chatty and will make you feel glad you stopped by for a meal.

Goldie’s recently celebrated 20 years. Sadly, it was the day of the big snowstorm (Oh, no!) so only a few folks got to witness the mayor present them a plaque.

Congratulations, Goldie’s! Here’s to another 20 years of great service in Strongsville!


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