Honey Hut: The Best Location in the Nation for Ice Cream

The Strongsville Gourmet has the scoop on frozen goodness

Remember the TV show “Heroes?” Each of the characters had their own super power, such as flying or reading minds.

I believe we all possess our own little super strength but to a lesser degree. Maybe you can crack your knuckles really loud, have a high tolerance of pain or can actually dance.

Mine is I don’t get brain freezes. That’s right. I don’t get brain freezes.

Jealous? You should be.

Yes, sometimes I abuse my power. I’ll chug down a milkshake like it’s water and remain standing. Meanwhile friends and family will take two sucks on the straw and then reach for their foreheads withering in pain.

That makes Honey Hut Ice Cream Shoppe, 15831 Pearl Road, one of my favorite places on earth. I can easily get their super large double scoop cone and enjoy every single bite without fear of my brain exploding. A-a-h, frozen ecstasy.

I love ice cream and I love Honey Hut. I usually go to the original one in Cleveland’s Old Brooklyn (there are now five locations) and was delighted in my drives to other Strongsville restaurants to spot the one located here.

It’s interesting comparing the two. The Cleveland one has little property and an even smaller parking lot. It gets crammed fast on a hot evening with cars parked upon cars that flood out to the street. I am so envious of the large, spacious lot I found at the Strongsville one.

However, the one weak link at this location is seating. There are a few token benches but you’re pretty much forced to eat in your cars, which can get messy. The Cleveland spot rocks here with plenty of huge wooden benches and tables to eat your treats at.

Both have the same great ice cream that I can’t get enough of. Seriously, this is the best place when it comes to cones.

My favorite combo is strawberry with the house specialty, honey pecan. Awesome! When the two start to entwine in my cone, I’m in total bliss.

Their regular flavors, such as chocolate, orange blossom, mint chocolate chip and good old vanilla are grand. Still, their special flavors are not to be missed. Flavors like coffee, pumpkin and my favorite, candy cane, are only around for a week or two and then vanish until next season. Scarf these down while you can. I just had Butterfinger and it was great.

Sundaes are huge here. Think twice when ordering the large. Besides the usually sweet syrups, their premium flavors are outstanding, including turtle (caramel and hot fudge with pecans) and peanut butter cup.

If you’re really in the mood for some serious ice cream eating, try ordering the Destroyer, which includes nine large scoops of creamy goodness along with nine toppings. No, I’ve never done one. I’m not that crazy.

My favorite treat is their banana split. Nothing beats this classic dish. Of course, they must hate me when I order mine, as I’ll change up the three scoops of ice cream and flavor toppings. I’ll get mint chocolate chip with chocolate syrup, vanilla with blueberry topping and finally strawberry with marshmallow sauce. Oh, so, so good. They should just add my version to their menu and make their life easier.

The shakes and malts are good, though I wish they were a tad thicker, but that’s my own preference. Be sure to try some of their pre-made frozen treats, such as the drumstixs and ice cream bars.

Their menu varies by location, so after indulging at the Strongsville spot, jump back in the car and take a road trip to some of the other Huts in town. You won’t regret it, even if you do get brain freezes.


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