Mad Cactus Needed 'Pick-Me-Up,' TV Producer Says

Episode featuring Strongsville restaurant tentatively slated to air on Food Network Nov. 2

The Food Network, which will be in town starting this weekend to film a Restaurant: Impossible episode at , chose the popular eatery because it's been operating such a long time.

"We liked the Mad Cactus because they've been open a long time and everything ... is tired and in dire need of a pick-me-up!" Jill Littman, supervising producer, said in an email.

Tom Krukemeyer, who has owned the Tex-Mex restaurant for 23 years, said he was not able to talk about the pending makeover.

Food Network chef Robert Irvine will be in town Monday and Tuesday to film an episode of at The Mad Cactus, located at the corner of Pearl and Whitney roads.

In the show, Irvine evaluates the menu, decor and staff, then, with a design team, revamps the food and style of the restaurant and retrains the staff. 

Mad Cactus will reopen Tuesday at 6 p.m., with Food Network crews filming customers' reactions to the new cuisine.

The show's website says Restaurant: Impossible seeks to save "America's most desperate restaurants from impending failure."

But by all local accounts, The Mad Cactus still has a thriving business and is not close to closing.

Strongsville Patch is planning to be at the grand reopening Tuesday evening. Watch for updates Wednesday.


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