For Many, Black Friday Couldn't Come Soon Enough

Over 1,000 shoppers flocked to Target, braved the elements and eagerly counted the minutes down to midnight.

As doors swung open at 12 a.m., the cold, drowsy and impatient crowd let out a gleeful cheer. 

The exuberant outburst could only mean one thing – Black Friday had begun. 

Little by little, the 1,000 or more shoppers, who had assembled outside of the bullseye retailer, hurried into the store to find those once-in-a-year deals.

Minutes after midnight, folks emerged with flat panel TV's, cameras, video games, cookwear and more. 

"I couldn't feel my fingers, my cheeks were frozen and I'd do it all over again to get the Westinghouse," said Claire Johnson from Brunswick.

Johnson was referring to the hottest item of the night, a 46" HDTV that was selling for a mere $298.

Other shoppers had acquired layouts of the store and were busy plotting their strategy.

"We've got it all planned out," said Dave Baron of Parma. "We know the quickest way to the camera section, and if my wife (Shelly) and I get split up, we've agreed to meet back at the check-out with our gizmos in hand."

Baron was eying the $99 Nikon point-and-shoot and discounted Microsoft 360 video game system. 

The mood was light among the crowd, particularly those at the front of the line who had waited since 8 a.m. and sacrificed their Thanksgiving to ensure that their mega-deal of choice was within reach.

Security kept the line moving at a safe and steady clip, and there were no major disruptions.  

At , the tally stood at around 200 people, and shoppers had a somewhat less specific gift list since many of the stores' items were marked at 50 to 60 percent off. 

"I've got a few items in mind," said Bill Winters of Strongsville. "My friends think I'm crazy for waiting out here, but I'm about to get all my Christmas shopping done for a fraction of what they'll pay. In the end, Black Friday is worth it."


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