Toddler, Infant Left Alone in Parked Car; Walmart Identity Fraud: Police Blotter

The following was obtained from Strongsville police reports. It does not indicate convictions.

Questionable parenting

On Feb 19 at 10:03 p.m., Strongsville police received a report that two young children were left unattended in a burgundy Honda Civic parked near Walmart.

According to the police report, an infant was asleep beneath a blanket in the back seat and a toddler was standing in the passenger seat.

There were reportedly no child safety seats in the car. When police arrived, the car was gone. The license plate number indicated the car owner lived in Brook Park. The Brook Park Police Department was advised. 

Credit card fraud snuffed out

A Strongsville man notified police on Feb. 19 at 9:44 p.m. after receiving an automated call from Walmart informing him of pending purchases that he reportedly didn’t authorize.

It appears an unknown number of thieves planned to pick the $1,500 worth of merchandise from Walmart locations in California and Texas, according to the police report.

Walmart canceled the man’s credit card and blocked the purchases. 


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