Letter to the Editor: Mike Dovilla Pledges to Work Hard for Ohio

Says state is in better shape now than 2 years ago


To the Editor:

I am humbled by the confidence the residents of the 7th Ohio House District have shown in offering me the opportunity to continue serving in the Ohio House of Representatives.

In 2010, I ran for state representative to Get Ohio Working – with the dual goals of getting Ohioans back to work and getting state government to work once again for the people of Ohio.

Today, we have balanced Ohio’s budget, lowered income taxes, eliminated the job-killing estate tax, and taken our rainy day fund from 89 cents to over $500 million.  In less than two years, Ohio’s unemployment rate has dropped from 9.8 percent to 6.9 percent and we’ve created 123,000 net new jobs, catapulting from 48th in the nation for job creation to 4th – and #1 in the Midwest.  We’ve made Ohio a more business-friendly state, slashing regulations and eliminating unnecessary programs.  Simply put, we are getting Ohio working!

At the more than 26,000 doors on which we knocked in 2012, the most consistent message I heard from citizens was their desire for bipartisan leadership and common sense solutions to our most pressing public policy challenges.  In listening and then acting on their wishes during my first term in the House, I was able as a freshman legislator to author and see enacted into law ten bills, resolutions, or amendments on issues ranging from job creation to education funding transparency and support for veterans to protection of senior citizens.

As we turn now to the 130th General Assembly, I look forward to continuing our work together to move Ohio in the right direction.  I pledge to each of my constituents – Republican, Democrat, and Independent alike – that I will continue working tirelessly each day to achieve our shared objective of making Ohio the best state in the nation in which to live, work, and raise a family.


State Representative Mike Dovilla


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