Letter to the Editor: Students Need Better Technology

Strongsville High School senior asks voters to approve Issue 116


To the editor:

I'm writing to you in regards of the bond that is currently on the table for Strongsville City Schools. 

I have been in the school system for going on thirteen years, and have received an excellent education. As a student though, I feel that the bond is much needed for the district. 

Growing up and hearing how other districts have received smart boards, laptops, and even white boards for every classroom, have made me have a strong opinion on this. I feel that other schools have a much better learning environment, with making it easy for the student to interact in the classroom, enabling them to have more fun, while receiving a better education. 

If the students in Strongsville were given this opportunity to have the materials in the classroom, they would be more eager and excited to go to school every day. Even if the money allotted was pushed towards the building of a new facility, the students would be much happier. 

I attended Center Middle School for seventh and eighth grade, and although I had an enjoyable two years, it would have been better if the school wasn't in the condition that it is in. As I would walk to my locker every day, I would look at the walls and see the many cracks, and holes, wondering if they would ever be fixed. In the girls bathrooms, particularly in the annex building, only one or two stalls have doors. 

When students have to go to school every day and ponder about the building in which they are learning in, they are not able to focus, and learn as they should.  I feel that if after receiving the bond, it was put towards a new middle school, and technology, and learning environment would be much more enjoyable for the teachers and the students.


Alyssa McDannel
Strongsville High School Senior


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