Where Are You Getting Pizza for the Big Game?

Here are some tips for choosing the perfect pie, and a collection of Lakewood's pizza joints.

Super Bowl Sunday may not actually be the biggest day of the year for pizza sales, but it's always in the top five, says Jeremy White, the editor-in-chief of Pizza Today magazine.

“Halloween, the day before Thanksgiving and Super Bowl Sunday are all big days for pizza,” White said. “It varies from year to year, with New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day rounding out the top five days."

At any rate, White is certainly a big advocate of ordering a few pies to enhance your Super Bowl viewing enjoyment.

“You definitely want to have pizza and a few good drinks on hand to avoid any letdown in game,” White joked.

Tips for rounding out your Super Bowl party

At the risk of sounding cheesy, White gets right to the crust of the matter when it comes to pizza and offers these tips.

  • Pizza delivers variety: “The great thing about pizza is it is the most customizable food dish in the world,” White said. When ordering party pies, offer diversity in sauces and toppings. Everything from pineapple to shrimp  can be placed on a pizza.
  • Slicing up your order: “The most popular pizza is a 14-inch round,” said White. “Figure it will serve three adults, so if you have 15 people at your party, you will need five 14” pizzas.”
  • Save yourself some time and dough: “Call your order in early, and I don’t mean 10 minutes before kick off. I mean an hour and a half to two hours before the game starts,” White said. Pizza joints know it’s a big day and they plan and staff for it, but odds are most of the calls will come in at once, White said. If you really want to save yourself some time, pick it up yourself, he said. Most stores should be able to have your order ready in 35-40 minutes and you'll save money on delivery fees, too.

Looking for a place to order pizza in Lakewood?

Check out these Lakewood Patch listings, and while you're at it, leave a recommendation for your favorite pie maker.

Allison Urbanek February 05, 2012 at 01:32 PM
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dale kovach February 06, 2012 at 04:08 AM
A Lakewood graduate and now playing basketball for the Hiram Terriers, Chelsea Kovach has overcome a rough 1st half of the season. She overcame a severe case of strep throat followed by tonsillitis and then was laid up with a mild concussion suffered from a collision with a teammate. Now healthy, she has regained her starting position at the 2 positioin. Since doing so she has averaged 12 points a game and is the second leading scorer on the team.


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