Collector Calls 20 Times in 20 Minutes; Child Left at Store?: Police Blotter

The following information was provided by the Strongsville police department


Employees at Walmart got two calls after 10 p.m. Jan. 11 from someone who said there was a missing child in the store.

After the second call, they checked the store, but found no one matching the description -- a black male with blue eyes and blond hair.

The employees were already a little suspicious: The caller claimed the child's name was Tony the Tiger.

Collect Calls

A Lunn Road company complained to police Jan. 11 after a bill collector trying to track down an employee called 20 times in 20 minutes.

It wasn't the first time the collector had called, even though he'd been asked not to, a report said.

The company decided to ignore phone when the collector calls.

Swerving Driver Has Reason

A black Honda swerving all over the road was reported about 7:45 a.m. Jan. 11 on Royalton Road heading west from Webster Road.

Police stopped the driver near TGI Friday's and found the reason. The man was trying to adjust his contacts while driving.

He admitted he had been driving erratically.

Kids in the Woods

A Northrup Lane resident told police kids have been making bottle bombs -- and setting them off -- in the woods behind his house.

He said Jan. 13 he had found eight bottles the previous day.



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