Driver Has Sad Reason for Swerving All Over Road

The following information was provided by the Strongsville police department


A driver who was swerving over all three lanes on traffic on I-71 Oct. 8 had an unhappy reason for her lack of concentration.

Two motorists called police around 10 a.m. to say a northbound red car kept going off the road as she approached the Royalton Road exit, and that she had started swerving over all three lanes.

Police stopped the woman, who was crying. She said she was going to her grandmother's funeral. 

Also, she had dropped her cell phone on the floor and was trying to locate it while driving.

An officer followed her to the Snow Road exit and to a hotel parking lot, where he instructed her to sit until she could compose herself enough to drive safely.

Denise October 16, 2012 at 02:41 PM
Thank God (and the officer). It is good to hear about a police officer that has some compassion for the people he has sworn to protect & serve. In my case, I had just left my Mom's funeral home when a Cleveland Police officer stopped me & gave me a ticket because my automatic headlights were delayed at turning on. It was a snow storm & the ice held them back from flipping up. I hadn't even traveled 1 block. When he handed my the ticket he said "By the way, I threw in a no seatbelt. "I HAD IT ON AND CLICKED". What a nice guy. No, I did not fight it. My husband was just diagnosed with cancer and Mom's death from cancer was all that I could handle at the time.


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