Grief Counselors to Be at Chapman Elementary Monday

25 professionals will help students and staff deal with Allen family tragedy

A team of grief counselors will be at Monday morning to help classmates and teachers of Kerri and Kayla Allen, who were restaurant in Brooklyn.

Due to the tragedy to Kerri and Kayla Allen, the Western Cuyahoga County School Crisis Counseling Team will be at Chapman Elementary on Monday, April 16, 2012," principal Andy Trujillo said in a statement.

Monday is the first day back to school following spring break.

Kerri Allen, a fourth-grader, was killed during her father's rampage. Kayla, a fifth-grader, remains in critical condition at MetroHealth Medical Center.

Their mother, Kate, 42, was also killed by her husband, Kevin Allen, 51, who -- distraught because his wife had just told him she was leaving him -- went to the parking lot of the restaurant, returned with a gun and shot them at close range.

Kevin Allen was shot and killed by police as he left the building.


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