'Keep Fighting, Sweet Little Angel:' Emotional Messages from Shooting Victim's Facebook Page

Thousands go online to support Kayla Allen as she recovers after her father's Cracker Barrel rampage

The messages are heart-wrenching and full of love.  

"I don't know you Kayla, but I'm praying for you."

"Prayers go out to this precious child. May God watch over her & heal her."

"You are NOT alone!!!!"

The Kayla Allen Benefit Fund Facebook page is a testament to the fact that the community refuses to forget — or give up on — the only surviving victim of the April 12 .

The page was set up by a family friend, Mark Karr, as as a way to keep well-wishers posted on Kayla's condition and to organize and promote fundraisers for the 10-year-old.

"I just felt like I had to do something to help," he said.

It has been getting a few hundred new "likes" a day — it's up to nearly 3,000 —as people touched by the tragedy respond.

"Thinking of you and your family every single day Kayla!! Keep it up girl, we all have so much faith in you. ♥"

"I truly believe her mom is holding her in her arms while her body continues to heal. Prayers for those caring for her, may God Bless you all!"

Police say Kevin Allen, distraught because his wife told him she was leaving him, and shot his wife, Kate, and daughters, Kayla and Kerri, who had just turned 10.

Kate and Kerri were killed. Kevin Allen was shot and killed by police as he left the restaurant with the gun. 

"My heart and prays are with that baby. I don't know the family but I look forward to the updates on her and pray for her recovery."

"I don't know you Kayla, but praying for you and your family. God Bless you. Keep fighting Kayla."

Karr and his wife, Lynne, try to post an update on Kayla's medical condition every day. 

Right now, Kayla's prognosis is uncertain. She was recovering from the gunshot wound — she was alert and able to move her limbs — when she suffered a brain aneurysm.

According to the Facebook page, she is awake, but as yet unable to move her arms and legs.

The page also has dozens of photos of Kayla and Kerri and updates on the that are under way for Kayla. Supporters can donate directly to her fund through PayPal at kaylas.fund@gmail.com or can make a deposit at any Fifth Third Bank branch.

"Kayla, You WILL get better soon. i hope you like the presents we sent you. Everyone at school misses you. I am so sorry this happened. I hope to see you soon!

"My daughter's day doesn't end until we read our Kayla update and say a prayer for all of the family."

Dawn May 09, 2012 at 12:16 PM
Such a horrible thing for this poor baby to go through. I just pray for her recovery! She has a long road ahead of her both physical and emotional, but with the help of family and friends she will triumph! God bless you little girl, your mom and sister will shine down on you always! :0)


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