Neighbor Finds Dogs Loose, Door Open: Police Blotter

The following information was provided by the Strongsville police department


An alert neighbor on Huntington Park noticed the back sliding door open at a nearby home and two of the family's dogs running loose about 4 p.m. Jan. 25.

She got one of the dogs back in the house and knocked on the door, but no one was home.

Police called a resident of the house, who said the dogs were inside and the doors were all secured when he left.

Officers checked the house and said it didn't look like anyone had gone inside. They closed the doors.

The resident called police later to say all of the dogs were home.

No Steaks

A woman shoveling snow on Yarrow Trail reported men in a blue pickup truck stopped about 3:15 p.m. Jan. 25 and asked if she wanted to buy some steak sandwiches.

Police found the truck down the street and determined the two had no solicitor's permits or valid driver's licenses.

One gave a fake name and was arrested for obstructing official business.

Overnight Damage

A Plum Brook Lane resident reported the morning of Jan. 26 that someone had torne out his light post.

The same morning, a Hampton Chase resident said someone hit his mailbox overnight.

The hit completely sheared the mailbox from its post.

Parking Violation? Hard to Say

Someone reported a number of cars without placards parked in handicapped spots at the Ehrnfelt Recreation Center Jan. 26.

But police found a gray area there. About 10 cars were parked in handicapped spaces but there were no signs in front of the spots, and the pavement markings were very faded, a report said.

Police said they would refer the matter to city officials to see if they want to erect signs.



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