Parents on the Lookout for Men Who Tried to Lure Girl

Police receive a number of calls about suspicious cars


Several residents have reported suspicious vehicles and men in the wake of an incident Jan. 9 in which two men in a black car asked an 11-year-old girl if she wanted a ride as she waited for her school bus.

The incident took place about 9 a.m. at the corner of Lunn Road and Walnut Creek Drive. The two men asked the girl if she wanted a ride. When she said no, they said, "OK, we're police officers" and left.

Since then:

• A frantic mom approached a bus driver on Briar Bush Lane Jan. 15 about a man dressed in black wandering near the bus stops. Police spoke with the man and determined he was not a suspect.

• On Jan. 16, a woman said an older man in a Ford Focus was drivng slowly by a bus stop at Greenwood and Parkwood, and a younger man then pulled up in a white SUV. When she picked up her phone, he got back in his vehicle and left. The woman was worried the men were casing the bus stops.

• The same day, a high school girl walking home saw a dark sedan pull into a bank parking lot on Pearl Road and said two men went in together. Police waited for someone to get into the car; when no one came out, they went into the bank to find them. Employees said two men did not come in together.

• Also Jan. 16, a woman reported a man driving a black Mercedes slowly on Ashley Circle while kids were getting off the bus. The vehicle pulled into in a driveway. Police said the only car matching the description was registered to that address.

• On Jan. 17, a woman waiting at a school bus stop Prospect and Montclare noticed a UPS truck parked there about 7 a.m. She was suspicious because she had never seen a UPS truck out that early.

Superintendent John Krupinski put out an alert to parents on the school district's website after the incident. 

Police are following up any and all leads that come in, Detective Lt. John Janowski said.


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