Pickpockets on the Prowl in Strongsville

With one incident already reported, police advise shoppers to watch their wallets


A woman told police she had her wallet when she went into Marc's about 2:30 p.m. Nov. 11.

When she left the store, it was gone from her purse.

Pickpockets are always a threat, but they show up in Strongsville more often at this time of year, police say.

"It's getting to be the season for that," Detective Lt. John Janowski said. "During the holidays, you've got a lot of people in a small area."

You're getting bumped into all the time. Someone brushes past you on the escalator. There are plenty of opportunities for a quick-fingered thief to grab your cash and credit cards.

Who's vulnerable?

First and foremost, women who don't zip their purses, Janowski said.

"I see women walking around all the time with their purses open," he said. "You can look inside and see their wallet right there."

It's way too easy, he said, "to just reach in and grab it. And they don't realize it's gone till later."

Worse: Setting your purse in a shopping cart.

"That's even easier," Janowski said. "Even if you don't leave your cart, all you have to do is turn away to look for something on a shelf, and someone can walk by and take something."

His advice to women: Keep your purse flap closed or zipped and keep your purse next to your body at all times.


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