Police Blotter: 10 Solicitors Sent Packing; Car Drives Off with Phone, Wallet

The following information was provided by the Strongsville police department

Four residents complained about solicitors Aug. 17, leading police to find the man in charge and warn him to get permits or get out.

A Whitney Road resident complained about a man banging on doors, but not waiting to talk to anyone about 10:40 a.m.

In the afternoon, a Blackberry Circle resident reported two men walking in the Pine Lakes area, knocking on doors; and residents on North Bexley Drive and Timber Edge Place also reported solicitors without badges.

An officer stopped a man in charge of the group and told him to round up his 10 solicitors and apply for permits. 

The officer warned that if he had to return, everyone would be cited.

No Names, Please

A Bonnie Lane resident complained that a former neighbor drove by and called him a "dumb hillbilly" Aug. 17.

The man said he's had problems with the name-caller in the past.


A woman from The Bluffs reported an unfortunate incident Aug. 17 -- she put her wallet and phone on the car, and her son drove off in it.

She wanted it noted in case someone turned in the items.

Drugs? Maybe Not

Police were called to an apartment on Cherry Tree Drive to look into a strong smell of marijuana coming from one of the units Aug. 17.

Officers smelled it, but both said it was either incense or cooking aromas.

Mailbox Down

A mailbox on Crystal Creek Drive was damaged the night of Aug. 18.

The resident said his light post was hit two weeks earlier.

Ding Dong Ditch

Kids were out ringing doorbells shortly before 11 p.m. Aug. 19 on Lake Meadows Drive, a report said.

Residents saw a few kids on Willow Circle, but they were gone when police arrived.


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