Police Blotter: 80 Kids Gather for Fight after It's Posted on Facebook, Twitter

The following information was provided by the Strongsville police department

A passerby broke up a fight on Forestwood Drive April 27 and told police at least 80 kids were there to either participate or watch.

A report said there were teens from Cleveland and Lakewood at the park because news of the pending brawl was tweeted and posted on Facebook.

According to police, the fight was between only two kids.

The mother of one of the apparent participants also called police that afternoon after her 15-year-old son came home with injuries to his face and wouldn't say what had happened.

The teen told police he and another boy had been harassing each other on social media and had agreed to fight in the park that day.

He said they exchanged a few punches and then the fight broke up.

Eggs-tra Patrol

A Winding Trail resident called police after her car was targeted for the fourth time.

She told officers her car was damaged last year, again in March, April 22 and April 28.

In the most recent incident, the car was egged. There was no lasting damage.

Thefts from Rec Center

Two reports of missing items at the  came in the afternoon of April 28.

One person said his property was taken from the bleachers while he was playing basketball in the gym between 3:30 and 5 p.m. 

His wallet was later found by a bike rider at Eastland and Albion roads.

A woman also reported a key was taken off her key ring sometime between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Knock and Enter

A Hampton Chase resident said a solicitor came to the door April 29, and when she didn't answer, tried the doorknob.

Police checked the license plate the resident provided and found the owner does not have a solicitor's permit.

Gas Rage

A dispute over who was at a gas pump first brought police to the on Royalton Road April 28.

Occupants of one vehicle allegedly made threats to another after one of the drivers pulled into a pump the other had been waiting for.

The officer declined to review security tapes to see who was right and instead stood by with both got their gas and left.


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