Police Blotter: Boy Tells Sad Story; Purses and GPS Stolen from Cars

The following information was provided by the Strongsville police department


A woman went to the police station Sept. 24 to report an unusual encounter with a child at the Strongsville Library.

The woman said a boy about 5 years old came up to her, telling a story about how he is never going to see his mother again.

The youth said his dad had to drive in circles to get away from his mother.

The woman, saying the story made her uncomfortable, asked police to check on him.

Officers said the library was packed with kids for story hour, but could not locate the boy the woman had described.

Car Break-ins on Carol Drive

Two Carol Drive residents reported early Sept. 24 their cars had been entered overnight and GPS units taken.

One of the cars also had an iPod stolen, for a total loss value of $500.

Both cars were unlocked.

Purses Stolen from Vehicles

A thief smashed windows in two cars parked outside a Foltz Parkway business Sept. 27 and stole purses from inside.

Congrats -- It's a Fraud

A Greenwood Drive woman got a call Sept. 27 from someone saying she had won the Jamaican lottery.

The woman said the caller had her Social Security number.

She told police she knew it was a scam, but asked for advice if the person called back.

No Voters in There

A woman on Elizabeth Circle saw a man walk into her garage about 9 p.m. Sept. 25.

When she went out to see what he was doing, he said he was out recruiting voters. He was carrying a laptop bag.

Police checked the area, but couldn't find him.

Another Suspicious Person

Police were called to the corner of Burgandy Drive and Wedgewood Lane about 8:15 p.m. Sept. 24 about a male sitting on the ground with an iPad.

The man was working for a political group. He had a flashlight with him to check addresses, a report said.


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