Police Blotter: Man Takes Pictures of House; You Can't Put the Wind in Jail

The following information was provided by the Strongsville police department

A Heather Lane resident got suspicious April 17 when she noticed a man in  car taking pictures of a neighbor's house.

She asked what he was doing and he said he was a police officer in East Cleveland, then said he worked for PNC Bank.

Police went to the man's house and learned he was, in fact, a PNC employee and a police officer. He was taking photos as part of a loan investigation.

Cart Rage

A woman went all the way to the top when the wind blew an unattended cart into her car, causing damage, as she drove in the lot April 18.

Costco told her the store was not responsible for the wind blowing carts, so the woman called the mayor's office and was advised to file a police report.

Police said that because there was no criminal act, they would take the complaint for documentation only.

Gas Theft

A man told police he filled a can with gas at on Pearl Road April 17.

When he went in to pay for it, a man took the can and left in a car.

Walker Found

Someone found a walker in the bushes outside CVS on Pearl Raad.

The person who found it was afraid it might indicate an elderly person in trouble.

Yep, Something's There All Right

A woman driving on I-71 told police something flew into her car April 16 and she felt like she was dragging it.

She was right. Police found a whole headlight assembly under her car.

Missing Boy

A mom had some panicked moments when she got home from work a few minutes late April 19 and her 7-year-old wasn't there.

She told police that because she wasn't there when he got off the bus, he couldn't get in the house and must be wandering the neighborhood.

Officers went to the school and found the boy there. In her panic, his mother had forgotten he was staying late for tutoring.


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