Police Blotter: Manhunt in the Woods; Dog Turns on Owner; Graffiti

The following information was provided by the Strongsville police department

Strongsville police assisted in a manhunt early Saturday morning after a man allegedly assaulted a woman on the Ohio Turnpike, then threatened a tollbooth worker and a witness.

The suspect took off on foot into the woods. Police searched the area, aided by Strongsville firefighters, who brought a thermal imager to try to locate the man in the dark.

The man couldn't be located.

But about 7:10 a.m., officers stopped a man walking on southbound I-71 near Boston Road and determined it was the suspect in the assault.

He was turned over to the State Highway Patrol, which is handling the case.

Bad Dog

A woman called for help about 10 p.m. Saturday after her dog wouldn't let her into her car.

A report said the woman had been at and was trying to get in her car, but the dog kept growling and tried to bite her.

She's had the dog for six weeks, a report said. She got it from an animal shelter.

More Boom Booms

Three people called to report loud noises on Drake Road about 9:20 p.m. Sunday.

One caller said it sounded like gunshots, while the second reported M80s. The third said it sounded like they were coming from the old recreation center area.

Spray Painting Times 2

Two residents reported finding graffiti Saturday afternoon.

On Lake Forest Drive, someone spray-painted a word on the side of a resident's new truck sometime during the night.

And on Overland Park, a resident found a picture painted on an electric box.

The woman feared it was a gang symbol, but police said that was undetermined.

FBI Wants His Truck?

A Cherry Tree Drive resident asked for help after getting phone calls from someone who said he is an FBI agent and needs to remove something from his truck.

The man told police he purchased a semi a few years ago from someone who bought it at a federal auction.

The man said he would meet the FBI agent in the police station lobby to find out what he wants from the truck.


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