Police Blotter: Person Wearing Black Cloak Reported; Mercedes Driver Touchy about His Car

The following information was provided by the Strongsville police department

Police were called to a Pearl Road store April 18 by a man driving a Mercedes who said he had just had a road rage incident with someone who worked there.

Officers spoke with the employee, who said this is what happened: While on the road, the man in the Mercedes swerved toward him, so he shouted "Buy American" at him.

No charges were filed. Police advised the employee to use better judgment next time.

Cloak, No Dagger

A witness told police someone draped head to toe in a black cloak was acting strangely near , 15201 Pearl Rd., about 6:20 p.m. April 17.

The witness couldn't tell if the cloaked person was mail or female, but said he or she was hiding behind a pillar.


A tenant at a Royalton Road apartment said a man walked into her unit April 16. 

Her husband pushed the man, who had his T-shirt pushed up to expose his chest, out the door, a report said.

Officers found the intruder was probably more surprised than the couple. He had been doing laundry on that floor and forgot he wasn't on the third floor, where he lived, and accidentally walked into the wrong apartment.

Suspicious Situation

A Webster Road woman came home April 19 and found the garage door and back doors open, even though she was sure she deadbolted the doors before she left.

Police checked the inside and found nothing disturbed.

Dumpster Diving

Someone spotted a man going through trash bins at the Borders plaza April 17 and called police, concerned the man was stealing personal information.

The man told police he had permission to search through the bins for cardboard boxes, which he uses to ship items he sells on eBay.


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