Police Blotter: Sex Offender Nabbed in Park

The following information was provided by the Strongsville police department

Strongsville police served a felony warrant on a Brunswick sex offender who failed to register his address May 2.

Brunswick police were asked by the U.S. Marshall to serve a felony warrant on Raymundo Vaquera III for not registering his address.

Brunswick officers went to his house about 5 p.m., where his girlfriend said he was in the park by the Strongsville library.

While they waited with the girlfriend so she wouldn't tip him off, Strongsville police went to the park to look for Vaquera, who a has been known to be violent and has prior weapons charges, a report said.

Officers spotted him in the park and arrested him without incident.

Thieves on Sandalwood

A Sandalwood Oval resident looked outside about 4:20 a.m. May 2 and saw two kids going through a relative's car in the driveway.

Both kids, wearing baggy jeans and hoodies, ran without taking anything.

The residents said it is the second or third time it has happened. They were advised to start locking their cars.

Texting, Smoking and Driving

A motorist reported a black car on Royalton Road at Pearl Road May 3 who was randomly stopping in the street, swerving and failing to go at green lights.

The witness said the woman had her phone on the steering wheel and was texting -- and smoking a cigarette -- while she drove.

Officers said they would follow up with the woman, who lives on Howe Road.

Locked in the Mall

When a burglar alarm sounded at Sears about 8:30 p.m. May 1, police found a shopper who said he had gotten locked in the store when it closed.

An employee helped him complete a transaction and then let him out.

Theft from Garage

Two sets of golf clubs and some other athletic equipment was taken from a garage on Hazen Drive April 30 or May 1, a report said.

No Facebook Friend Here

A Whitney Road woman said someone she has been talking to on Facebook tried to take the relationship to the next level -- by asking for money.

The woman said the man wanted her to wire him money through Western Union.

She then received one of the common scam letters from Nigeria.

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neil gordon May 08, 2012 at 07:16 PM
I feel that it is extremly important to have the sex offender's picture (Raymundo) posted on this site, since my family with 3 young boys frequent the area by the library along with hundreds of other families who visit the area weekly. This guy is likely to make bail and be out within a week. I need to protect my family without having to go through the hassle of getting a permit for Concealed Carry. I used to feel safe in Strongsville, but less and less these days. The Strongsville police have an obligation to release a photograph of this guy and not allow him to remain anonymous.
Debbie Palmer May 08, 2012 at 09:10 PM
Neil, I'll ask about a photo, but I doubt Strongsville has one. The offender lives in Brunswick, and the arrest was on behalf of the U.S. Marshall's office. So one of those two agencies probably processed the suspect, not Strongsville. You raise a great point about the picture. This guy was arrested because he didn't register with the county sheriff -- and once you register, your picture and address are posted on the sheriff's website.


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