Police Blotter: Someone Taping Movie at Theater; Shopper Not Happy She Bought Purse

The following information was provided by the Strongsville police department


Police were called to Cinemark at SouthPark Mall Oct. 22 after a patron reported another movie-goer was videotaping the film.

Police spoke with the suspects, who proved they did not have a video camera.

They also voluntary showed their cell phones, which contained no such video.

Police did not get their names or detain them longer than necessary. The complaint was called in by an off-duty police officer from another city.

Maybe a Call for the Fashion Police?

A Strongsville woman called police Oct. 22 because she bought a purse online she didn't like.

A report said the woman tried to buy the purse from a website, but thought the purchase was rejected. 

Two weeks later, she received the purse, and her credit card was charged the correct amount.

She told police she didn't want the purse because of its poor quality. She contacted customer service, but the company had not responded.

She was advised it was not a criminal matter because she actually bought the purse. An officer suggested she try to return it.

No Curb Service

Police were asked to talk to an RTA bus driver who frequently stops for lunch at McDonald's on Pearl Road.

Trouble is, he leaves his bus in the road, blocking traffic while he dines.

Deer Leaps from Bridge

A motorist reported a deer jumped off the I-71 bridge at Drake Road about 1:15 a.m. Oct. 22.

The deer had died when police arrived. The animal warden was contacted.

Eggs Vs. Car

A car on Jonathan Drive was hit by eggs the night of Oct. 21.

Vehicle Lost and Found

An older woman told police her car was taken from Walmart about 5:30 a.m. Oct. 23. 

Officers helped her check the lot, but couldn't find the vehicle. They took the woman home and filed a stolen car report.

But the store manager called back an hour later to say the vehicle was actually parked on the side of the building.

Police went to the woman's house to take her back to the store to get her car, but she wasn't there.

Officers found her walking down Whitney Road. They picked her up and took her the rest of the way to get her car.

Thefts from High School

A woman told police her son's iPad and $15 in cash were stolen from an unlocked locker at Strongsville High School Oct. 23.



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