Police Looking for Leads in Burglaries

A small rash of break-ins hits west side of town


Police are looking into three burglaries that have been reported in the last few weeks in the western part of Strongsville.

Homes on Gate Post Road, Country Way and Autumn Oval have been broken into recently.

Police are investigating whether they are related because they are all in a relatively small area of town, although they aren't especially similar in nature.

Detective Lt. John Janowski said the burglar got into one house through an open window, another through the front door and the third by kicking in the back door.

A Wii game system was taken from one house, and jewelry and other small, easy-to-carry items from another.

Nothing was stolen from the third, but Janowski said that may be because the residents were only gone for an hour and might have interrupted the burglar.

"There's nothing to say they're related, but we're looking at the possibility," he said.

He noted that burglaries often take place in spurts.

"They seem to happen like that -- you'll get three or four in a row, then none for awhile," he said.

Strongsville typically has about 100 burglaries a year, but that figure includes thefts from garages, which are classified as home break-ins. 


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