Purse Stolen from Shopping Cart

The following information was provided by the Strongsville police department


A Walmart shopper lost her purse to a thief Jan. 28 when she left it unattended in her shopping cart for a minute.

When she got back to her cart, it was gone.

The purse contained credit cards, cash and a number of personal belongings. The theft took place about 4:30 p.m.

Police urge women to never put their purse in a cart

"Even if you don't leave your cart, all you have to do is turn away to look for something on a shelf, and someone can walk by and take something," Detective Lt. John Janowski told Strongsville Patch in November, after a pickpocketing incident was reported at Marc's. 

Also vulnerable are women who don't zip their purses.

"I see women walking around all the time with their purses open," Janowski said. "You can look inside and see their wallet right there."

It's way too easy, he said, "to just reach in and grab it. And they don't realize it's gone till later."

His advice to women: Keep your purse flap closed or zipped and keep your purse next to your body at all times.

MICHELLE February 04, 2013 at 04:10 PM
I always "lock" my purse in the child seat of the buggy with the safety straps for the child.......It will atleast slow someone down if they are going to try to grab my purse and run with it.....with it being strapped in.....
Chapman Mom February 04, 2013 at 06:56 PM
It also depends on the customer base and the type of store. I had many bags with me and never noticed my purse was missing until I tried to open my car, I ran back to Kohls to find that a shopper found the purse and turned it in to a cashier


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