Shopper Has to Return to Store to Prove She Didn't Steal: Police Blotter

The following information was provided by the Strongsville police department


Strongsville police tracked a pair of alleged shoplifters to their Brunswick home after employees at Sally Beauty Supply, 18286 Royalton Rd., reported a theft Feb. 8.

An employee called police about 1:15 p.m. to say a shoplifting had taken place about 10 minutes earlier, and provided police with the suspect's license plate.

Police went to the Brunswick home and spoke with with woman and her daughter, who both said they put the product back on the shelf.

The daughter agreed to go back to the store to show where they had put the product. Police determined the item was, in fact, still at the store and no theft had occurred.

Guy Takes Phone, then Punches Victim

Police have issued a warrant for the arrest of a man who allegedly punched a woman in the face at the Strongsville Cafe early Feb. 10.

A report said the woman told management her phone was missing. The manager was able to look at surveillance video and determine who had taken it.

When the woman confronted the man, he gave back the phone. But when she continued to yell at him about it, he punched her in the face, a report said.

He left the building, but police were able to identify him. He will be charged with assault.

Burglar Scared Off

A Woodlawn Court man told police he scared away a burglar Feb. 9.

The resident said he heard someone pulling hard on his sliding patio door about 10 p.m., then heard it again five minutes later. 

He loudly announced he had a weapon and the noise stopped.

He didn't report it until the next day, when he noticed two men driving slowly down his street and got suspicious.

Walking While Intoxicated

A man tried to walk home from the Strongsville Cafe about 2:30 a.m., but found out he needed a little help.

A report said the man tried to sprint across Royalton Road and wound up falling face-first in the road.

He suffered a scrape on his face. Police drove him the rest of the way home.


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