Simonoski Family to Judge: 'No Amount of Time Will Ever Be Enough'

Kids want dad in jail as long as possible after brutal ax attack

The Simonoski family is hoping their father's "no contest" plea wasn't made in exchange for a reduced sentence.

Bilyana Simonoski and her siblings continue to lobby the judge in the attempted murder case to impose the full 18-year sentence on their father, Aco, for  Aug. 21 at their Hollo Oval home.

"None of this heals our mother's brain. No amount of time will ever be enough, but let's start with the max," Bilyana said this week.

Common Pleas Judge Ron Suster is set to sentence Simonoski May 2.

The three adult children have , asking friends and supporters to write letters to the judge.

Aco, known as Alex,  to attempted murder charges in connection with the attack. Police and prosecutors say he hit his ex-wife, Milka, in the head with an ax twice, and also chopped Bilyana's hand when she intervened.

Milka is making small improvements at the nursing home where she lives.

Bilyana had hoped her testimony in the trial would help put her father in prison for as long as possible.

"Even though he pleaded out, the hardest part is yet to come," she said. "The length of his sentence is in the judge's hands, which is why letter writing and community support is so important."



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