The Car Targeted by Thieves Most Often in Strongsville in 2011 was . . .

Hint: Your guess is probably right

When it comes to car thefts, Strongsville follows the national trend -- sort of.

Of the 18 vehicles stolen in 2011, one was a Honda -- a 2000 Civic.

But three other Honda owners reported attempted thefts, making them the model most targeted by thieves here.

Nationwide, Hondas from the 1990s are car thieves' top targets.

The 1994 Accord was the most-stolen car in America in 2010, and also for the two years before that, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Next was the 1995 Honda Civic, followed by the 1991 Toyota Camry.

The NICB said it is easier to steal older cars because anti-theft technology has improved.

"Of the nearly 52,000 Honda Accords stolen in 2010, over 44,000 were models made in the 1990s, compared with fewer than 5,700 that were produced since the year 2000," the agency said in a news release.

And parts from older Hondas are still valuable.

Records from the police department show that the 2000 Civic was taken from outside TJ Maxx last year, and someone tried to steal a 1999 Civic from

The reports did not specifiy the years of the Civics thieves attempted to steal from mall and from .

Other car models from the 1990s were also popular targets, including a 1995 Firebird, a 1995 Ford Econoline van, 1999 Chrysler, a 1999 Bonneville and a 1991 Cutlass Sierra.

A 2002 Jeep Liberty, 2004 Grand Am and 2000 Mitsubishi Galant were also taken.

Three of the 18 stolen vehicles were plow trucks taken from industrial areas, the reports show. Two were motorcycles and one was a moped.


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