10 Homes in Foreclosure Going to Sheriff's Sale

Houses will be auctioned today and throughout May

One property is on the auction block today and another nine homes are scheduled to go to sheriff's sale in May, according to the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's website.

In addition, roads are slated to be sold later this month.

The foreclosed list this month is about average. According to the sheriff's site, 146 foreclosed properties have gone to sheriff's sale since May 2011.

Many of those were sold, while others were removed from auction by a court order. Some went up, but got no bids.

Building Commissioner Tony Biondillo said inspectors check each foreclosed home every three months, and make special weekly visits in the summer to be sure the grass is being mowed.

If not, the city does it and bills the owner.

"We physically inspect every one of these properties quarterly," Biondillo said.

On the May sale list are:

April 30 -- 10390 Prospect Rd., appraised value $125,000, minimum bid $83,334

May 7 -- 19244 Bradfort Ct., $115,000, $76,667
May 7 -- 14122 Fernwood Circle, $225,000, $150,000
May 7 -- 20166 Winding Trail, $210,000, $140,000
May 7 -- 9863 Parkview Circle, $180,000, $120,000
May 7 -- 13741 Hollo Oval, $165,000, $110,000
May 7 -- 19481 Drake Rd., $150,000, $100,000 

May 21 -- 16561 North Oaks Drive, $175,000, $116,667
May 21 -- 18329 Saratoga Trail, $215,000, $143,334
May 21 -- 14906 Wilmington Drive, $125,000, $83,334.

The list is updated daily, so some properties may have been added or deleted.


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