5 Facts about Strongsville from the 2010 Census

City has changed in the last 10 years

Figures released so far from the 2010 Census have revealed some interesting things about Strongsville.

A summary:

1. Strongsville got bigger.

The by 892 people, to 44,750, and by 1,613 housing units, to 18,476.

2. The .

In fact, the number of white people in town went down and minorities account for all the new residents, and then some. The same is true for all of Ohio.

In Strongsville, the African American/black population increased 53 percent (there are now 845 African American/black residents here); the hispanic and Latino population jumped 64 percent (912 residents now); and the Asian population went up 30 percent (1,833 residents now).

3. Strongsville got older.

The leaped from 39.1 in 2000 to 45.2 in 2010.

4. Traditional families with kids make up about 25 percent of households.

Figures show that husband-wife families make up 60 percent of the city's households, but husband-wife families with kids under 18 account for 24.8 of households here.

Single-parent families make up 5 percent of households, the figures show. There are 647 single moms with kids under 18 in Strongsville and 235 single dads.

5. Households with senior citizens almost equal households with kids.

About 31 percent of the city's households have kids under 18, while about 29 percent of households have people 65 and older. That means about 40 percent of households have no kids or seniors.


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