Albion Road Closed Due to Pavement Collapse

Street will be blocked for several months, service director says

Albion Road was closed this morning at the Albion Woods picnic area and archery range and will stay closed until further notice, Service Director Joe Walker said.

Walker said it is "an emergency closure due to structural road failure."

Local traffic and emergency vehicles will be able to get through, but all other traffic must detour.

Walker said the problems there "started awhile back.

"We've been watching it," Walker said. "I think we can attribute part of it to all the rain we've been having."

With the pavement crumbling down the hillside, "the only thing to do is close that short section," he said.

Police Lt. Bob Satterwaite said barricades have been placed on Albion at Handle Road on the east side of the closure. On the west end, the barricade is at Albion and Valley Parkway at the four-way intersection. Local traffic will be allowed from the west to Albion Woods.

From the east side of the closure, residents of the 13 homes that are located west of Handle Road will be permitted to use the road. The detour from the east will be Webster Road to Whitney Road to Pearl Road.

From the west the detour will be Pearl Road to Whitney Road to Webster Road. Barricades will also be placed at the point of the roadway failure, which is the first curves east of Albion Woods. 

 Walker said there are two options for fixing the road: Shore up the hillside or shift the road a few feet in the other direction. He said there is enough right-of=way on the other side of the street to pour new pavement and erect a retaining wall where the asphalt is compromised.

Cost is unknown until a plan is devised, Walker said, but the road will likely be closed well into the summer.

"It's probably going to be a few months," he said.


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