Ambulance Fees Going Up

The increase won't affect Strongsville residents, though

City Council is looking at raising the charge for using a Strongsville ambulance.

Legislation introduced Monday would increase the fee for basic life support and a ride to the hospital from $350 and $6 per mile to $450 and $10 per mile.

Advanced life support would be $750.

The new fees are "consistent with what the insurance companies are now paying," Law Director Ken Kraus said.

The hike will not affect Strongsville residents, as well as people who work in Strongsville or own property in the city.

In those cases, the city bills the person's health insurance company. If insurance does not cover the entire fee, the city forgives the rest.

Non-residents would still be billed for any part of the fee not covered by insurance, although people who are indigent would not have to pay.

Mayor Tom Perciak said officials compared the fees being charged by other cities before setting the new rates, which are to take effect Jan. 1.

"We wanted to be fair and equitable . . . and empathetic to our residents," Perciak said.

Strongsville started charging for ambulance service 11 years ago.


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