At Least 5 Local Issues on November Ballot

Voters will see two levies, a bond issue, a rezoning and a charter change

The local election ballot will be a little more crowded than usual this November. 

The city is expected to put four issues on the ballot, and the Strongsville schools will have a bond issue.

A recap so far:

• The Strongsville school district  to build a new middle school, make major renovations at  and smaller repairs at the elementary schools.

• A  would continue to generate $2.168 million a year for firefighters' salaries citywide and for operating expenses at the Priem-Albion fire station, according to Finance Director Joseph Dubovec.

Because it is a renewal, it would not raise taxes. It was originally approved as a 1.7-mill levy, but was reduced to 1.5 mills in 2008.

• A  would replace an existing 0.5-mill issue and would mean an increase of about $6 a year per $100,000 in home valuation.

The original half-mill levy was originally approved in 1976 and is now being collected at an effective rate of .0927 mills. 

Currently, it generates $165,000 a year and costs a homeowner $2.84 a year for every $100,000 of home valuation, but when it is collected as a replacement -- at the most recent property valuations -- it will cost a homeowner $9.41 a year per $100,000 and would generate $578,000 a year.

The sewer levy goes toward renovating storm sewers and drainage ditches.

• A "housekeeping" type of  would change the filing deadline for Strongsville candidates.

Law Director Ken Kraus said the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections is asking cities to have the same filing deadline as the state's, which is 90 days before an election.

Strongsville's charter calls for candidates to file their petitions 75 days before an election.

• The city will ask voters to from residential to senior residence so can expand its Alzheimer's care facility.


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