City Expands Law Against Nepotism

Family members are now prohibited from holding any city job

City Council has expanded its law against nepotism, now barring elected and appointed officials from hiring family members for any city job.

Previously, the city's ordinance precluded department heads and elected officials from hiring relatives for full-time posts.

The new measure prohibits hiring to any position, including part-time, seasonal and temporary.

"If we prohibit it for full-time, it should also be for part-time and seasonal employees, too," Assistant Law Director Dan Kolick said.

Council President Mike Daymut said nothing in particular prompted the rewrite.

"The state is always changing their criteria, so we go ahead and look at ours, too," Daymut said.

Strongsville's nepotism law is now more restrictive than Ohio's.

The ordinance defines relatives as parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, spouses, siblings and any other person related by blood, marriage or adoption, regardless of dependence or residence.

Existing employees who might fall under that designation are grandfathered and will not have to leave their employment.



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