City Pushes Wellness Program for Employees

Officials want to cut insurance costs by making workers healthier

The city is re-launching an employee wellness program, seeking to sign up at least 80 percent of City Hall and service department workers.

Mayor Tom Perciak said the city has run a wellness program for three years with about 30 percent participation, but wants to "kick it up several notches" this year.

"We're going to give our employees the tools to get healthier," Perciak said.

The goal: Happier, fitter employees and lower health-care costs for taxpayers.

Perciak said he has been meeting with representatives from the about ways to battle the four main chronic health concerns -- diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and cardivascular disease.

It could include starting a weekday lunch service for employees at the , he said.

Human Resources Director Steve Kilo said employees will receive a health assessment and then advice on how to make healthier decisions on food and exercise.

"We have to get people more engaged," Kilo said.


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