Council Approves Raises for Elected, Appointed Officials

Mayor, council members, department heads to receive 3 percent hikes in January

City Council has OK'd pay raises for itself, the mayor and other Strongsville officials and employees.

The 3 percent hikes were approved without discussion Monday. The vote was 6-0, with Ward 3 Councilman Mark Roth dissenting.

Council President Mike Daymut said council routinely awards the same raises to administrators, elected officials and non-union employees as those negotiated in contracts with union employees.

"It's something we do every year," Daymut said.

The measure takes the salary of Mayor Tom Perciak from $131,185 to $135,120 starting Jan. 1.

City Council salaries will go from the current $18,293 to $18,841; council president pro tem will receive $19,467 and the council president will be paid $20,091 a year.

The salary ordinance also covers all department heads and other supervisors and managers in the various departments.

Perciak said raises are "based on our contractual agreements." In 2011, the raises were 2.5 percent to reflect the salary hikes negotiated with police officers and firefighters.

Next year, the safety forces will also receive 3 percent raises.

Daymut said council awarded the increases to elected officials and non-union employees this year because a series of cost-saving measures -- including refinancing debt at lower interest rates -- has left the city on fairly solid financial footing.

He said council will probably have to think hard before awarding similar raises next year.

"We don't know what will happen next year with state funding," Daymut said. "This year, we'll be on firm financial ground. Then we'll see what will happen next year."

B Smiff October 18, 2011 at 01:51 PM
This is the same mayor who wanted everyone to take a 0% raise over the next 3 years. He has stated that safety forces are the number 1 priority in the city but yet safety forces that are retiring are not be replaced, the vehicles have not been replaced in 2 years and have over 100,00 miles. But City council sees fit to give themselves a raise when the rumors are going around about "layoffs" in 2012 VOTE NO ON ISSUE #2
John Motley October 19, 2011 at 12:16 PM
I wish I got a 3% raise every year!


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