Don't Look for Albion Road to Open Soon

Repairs have yet to start on crumbling roadway

A section of Albion Road that closed May 10 because of crumbling pavement is still a long way from reopening, city officials said.

Mayor Tom Perciak said Monday the city is still to determine how to repair the road.

"We don't even have the engineering back to go out and bid it," Perciak told Councilman at large Joe DeMio, who raised the question at a committee meeting.

The at the Albion Woods picnic area, near Valley Parkway, when officials noticed the pavement had crumbled down a hillside.

Crews can't just go in and repave, though, because the asphalt is washed away down a steep hillside.

So instead of shoring up the pavement, it is likely the road will be realigned, shifting it away from the embankment onto right-of-way on the other side of the street, City Engineer Ken Mikula said.

Mikula said the steepness of the slope, coupled with water runoff created the erosion problem.

Meanwhile, , with barricades at Handle Road on the east side and at Valley Parkway on the west.


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