Dovilla is 'Optimistic' He Will Hold Onto Lead

With only 340 votes separating candidates, provisional ballots could swing state rep race


State Rep. Mike Dovilla ended Election Night ahead of challenger Matt Patten.

But the narrow margin -- 340 votes -- means it's too soon to celebrate a victory.

With 1,930 provisional ballots still uncounted in the 7th District -- as well as absentee votes still coming in -- the race could still go either way.

"We're cautiously optimistic at this point," Dovilla said. "We think it will break our way."

It's one of several ballot issues that remains undecided, including , which is now winning by 3 votes.

Provisional ballots are expected to be counted Friday, Nov. 16, Dovilla said.

They will determine whether the Republican incumbent wins a second term or if Democrat Patten, who served one term in the statehouse from 2009-2010, returns.

The ballots stack up like this: Strongsville, 698; North Royalton, 488; Berea, 356; Olmsted Township, 242; Olmsted Falls, 146.

Provisional ballots are issued when the eligibility of a voter at the polls is in question.

"The way we figure it, he (Patten) would need almost 60 percent of the vote to close the margin," Dovilla said.

Jackie Brown November 10, 2012 at 02:06 AM
I don't think Dovilla ever told people that. He wasn't even elected until 2010 and didn't take office until 2011. Not sure where you are getting this information but I would check the source and my guess is that they aren't being honest. While issue 2 did go down, I'm sure it was somewhere near 50-50 or so in this area. While he is a republican, he has a lot of union backing this year in his reelection race. Clearly he is doing something right Tom.
Dan November 10, 2012 at 02:58 AM
Are you serious? Almost 50% of his constituents voted for Senate Bill 5 - I was one of them. Using your logic, would you have liked him to vote present? He could vote for it, and make 1/2 of his constituents mad or he could vote against it and make 1/2 of his constituents mad. We have to make tough choices, every election all the schools and city want is more, more, more. And I have no more to give, living paycheck to paycheck. It's time for our elected officials to tighten the purse strings. Spending is out of control. Do we really need an ex-chief of police having a position created for him as the public safety guru so he can get his pension AND a new salary? How about our former double-dipping superintendent?
Tom Brennan November 10, 2012 at 12:18 PM
Okay, my timeline was wrong. However, I did hear him speak to a group of teachers, police officers, and firefighters and he made the 99% statment at that time. Was he playing to the audience? Most likely. As far as the former police chief being named safety director: that was nothing but a political favor for the chief and a payback to the rank and file of the police and fire departments (and voters) who opposed Perciak's Issue 131 in the fall of 2010. There was absolutely no need for that position. But for another 90K per year, health care, city vehicle, etc., all on top of a great pension, not a bad deal for Mr. Goss.
Tom Brennan November 10, 2012 at 12:19 PM
That speaking appearance was in the spring of 2011 when SB 5 was being debated down in Columbus.
Ed Oliveros November 12, 2012 at 01:29 AM
Concerning SB 5,representative Dovilla voted for what was best for his constituents. SB5 only benefited a very small special interest group-- public employee unions. They are only 6. 5% of the work force in Ohio and they are funded with our tax dollars. I find it amazing that the voters of Ohio defeated SB5 in favor of such a small special interest group. The voters effectively turned over the control of their wallets to this small but powerful group and made it more difficult for cities to bring their costs under control.


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