Heavy Rains to Blame for Flooding in Strongsville

Residents from the Westwood Farms to Ledgewood called to report water in their backyards, basements and streets.

Last night’s thunderstorm that rolled through Strongsville left some low-lying areas throughout the city under water.

The storm dumped nearly five inches of rain in some places. 

In Strongsville, reports of were reported today – from the Westwood Farms subdivision to Ledgewood and all areas in between.

Ward 2 Councilman Ray Haseley’s phone began ringing at 6:30 a.m. He said the four wards combined received at least 175 phone calls from residents—and suspects there were more from those who called directly. 

“None of us were exempt from the flooding this time around,” he said. “Once the sewer lines were full, there was just no place for it to go.” 

Most of the calls Haseley received were in regards to sewer backups. 

Resident Maria Delvan of was taking a walk through the Metroparks with her husband late this morning to scope out the overflow of water near Pearl Road and Valley Parkway. Meanwhile, cars slowed down as passersby pulled out cell phone cameras to snap shots of the parkway under water. 

“I heard the thunder booming last night, but had no idea we would get this much rain. It just goes to show again how powerful Mother Nature is,” Delvan said.

Valley Parkway, west of Pearl Road remained closed to traffic due to the flooding.


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