Mystery Employee Who Performed Good Deed is Identified

Strongsville director came to woman's aid at Drug Mart


The Strongsville employee who came to the aid of a Columbia Station woman at Drug Mart a few weeks ago has been identified.

It was Service Director Joe Walker.

"It was no big deal," Walker said. "I'm glad I was there to help her."

Reader Jackie Schroth contacted Strongsville Patch a few days ago, saying she wanted to thank the man who gave her a ride home when she had an emergency.

"I am so very grateful to that wonderful man," she wrote on Strongsville Patch's Facebook page.

Schroth said her daughter dropped her off at Discount Drug Mart a few weeks ago and left to go to another store, when she suddenly remembered she'd left a pan of water boiling on her gas stove.

Desperate, she started asking people outside the store for a ride west on Route 82. About 10 people said they weren't going that way, but one man finally stopped and offered to drive her home.

Schroth couldn't remember his name, but said he worked for Strongsville and drove a red truck.

After her story ran on Strongsville Patch, Service Department employees identified the good Samaritan as Walker.

Walker said he ran into Drug Mart at lunchtime to get something to drink and noticed a very nervous Schroth in the foyer with bags of groceries.

"She told me her story and said no one would give her a ride home," Walker said. "She was so relieved when I offered. She was a very nice lady -- very appreciative."

They arrived to find her house still safe. Schroth said she can't thank Walker enough.

"I just want him to be aware of how special he is," she said.

Walker shrugged off the praise. 

"I'm just glad everything worked out for her," he said.


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