National UFO Site Includes Reports from Strongsville

2 people have reported seeing objects in the sky in the last year

A website that collects reports of UFOs includes two sightings made in Strongsville in the last year. 

The National UFO Reporting Center, which says it is dedicated to collecting and disseminating objective data on unidentified objects in the sky, lists thousands of incidents where people saw something they couldn't explain.

The site has more than 1,936 reports from Ohio, including many from the Cleveland area.

The Strongsville sightings:

Aug. 27, 2011, 10 p.m.

"Frequently seeing UFO in our western sky that darts in all directions and moves quickly with bright lines.

Because of being surrounded by trees, we can watch this sphere in the western sky move. It looks like a bright star in the sky but has bright lines coming down from it. Moves in the sky darting in different directions but within a 2 hour period it disappears. We have seen this quite frequently this summer (probably about 5 days out of seven). It has just recently changed in appearance from just darting, to having streaming lights coming down from it. On 3 occasions, the sky below it vibrates a light that looks like a white flasher. It flashes like a police car light and is in the area below it. Sometimes it is all white and at other times viewing it with or without binoculars it has red, blue and green coming from it. If you look at it from another area, you would think it was just a star. I think our location with the trees makes it visible to see how much it moves in the sky. Would welcome someone to come look at it. It's out there frequently even when there are clouds and no other stars in the sky."

July 6, 2011, 10:25 p.m. 

"Circle of red lights flying smoothly and low with no sound and hovered for a bit before moving on

My fiancé and I were just getting home from seeing a movie Saturday night on July 16, 2011. It was approximately 10:20. My fiancé was parking the car in the garage. I had gotten out of the car in the driveway before he pulled into the garage, as it is a tight fit.

As he was parking the car, I saw from the southwest direction, something flying in sky with red lights. Whatever it was was flying at the same constant speed like a plane would and was smoothly flying like a plane would. It was flying low. At first, I thought it was something like how a small plane would fly with advertisement attached to it, but at night. However, when it was approaching nearer and then overhead, it was a circle of red lights with no advertisement. I could not make out a shape or form as it was at night, but could make out a circle of red lights. My fiancé then came out onto the driveway after parking the car. We stood and watched the lights wondering what we were seeing. We watched these lights for probably a couple of minutes. There was no sound at all.

The lights didn’t change color as far as I could tell. The lights looked constant to me. They looked like a blur of red lights…like the glare you would have after coming home from the eye doctor after dark and after having your eyes dilated.

The lights moved steady at a normal plane speed for awhile going into the northeast direction. Before it got past the trees where we could no longer see it, it seemed to hover for a while before moving on again and out of our site beyond the trees that obstructed the rest of our view.

We have no clue what we saw."

If you're intrigued by these kinds of things, you might want to check out the website for other area reports.



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