News of the Week: Teachers Strike Week 6; City Gets Hurricane Relief

Here's what happened in Strongsville over the last week


A wrap-up of Strongsville news this week:

Teachers strike, part 1 -- Two more teachers cross the picket line. The Board of Education and teachers union negotiate for 40 hours over four days, but emerge saying no progress has been made toward a settlement. The School Board calls for the union to present its last best offer to striking teachers for another vote.

Teachers strike, part 2 -- Strongsville City Council passes a resolution supporting students and urging an end to the strike. Residents organize a roundtable to bring the two sides together, but it is canceled by the city because of public safety concerns. The teachers' union tries to divide the School Board, calling on Vice President Ruth Brickley to agree to take the contract to binding arbitration. The AFL-CIO holds a rally on the City Commons to support striking teachers.

Drug charges dropped -- A judge dismisses charges against the owners of Twilight Boutique.

City gets hurricane relief -- Strongsville receives a federal grant to help pay for clean-up after Hurricane Sandy blew through the area last fall.

Internet cafes still not allowed -- A new court ruling reaffirms Strongsville's position on sweepstakes cafes.

Court Reporter April 14, 2013 at 12:53 PM
Hurricane relief a good thing. Holding firm on not accepting no reprisal clause even better... http://www.bereamunicourt.org/searchdocket.asp?pageId=32 Case Number : 13CRB00256
TwitterSucks April 14, 2013 at 03:43 PM
Can we qualify for Federal relief dollars for damage from Hurricane Tracy?


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