Reminder: Most Plastics Can Now Be Recycled in Strongsville

Here's a list of what is accepted and yes, you can co-mingle everything but paper


Strongsville residents can now put many types of plastics at their curb to be recycled.

Previously, only plastics 1 and 2 were accepted for recycling, but Jennifer Milbrandt, Strongsville's coordinator of natural resources, said Republic Waste is remodeling its Oberlin plant and will now be able to recycle clean plastic containers numbered 1-7.

Many household plastics are marked with a number inside a triangular symbol.

Milbrandt said residents can put all their recyclables except for paper -- plastics, glass, aluminum, tin -- in the same bag.

Milbrandt provided this list of the plastics that can now be recycled:

#1 Plastic pop & Water bottles  (PET)

#2 Milk, water, juice, detergent bottles (HDPE)

#3 Vegetable oil bottles

#4 Packaging containers (take-out containers)

#5 Food storage containers, yogurt containers and medicine bottles

#6 Disposable cups / plastic tableware

#7  Large water bottles, squeeze bottles and other miscellaneous bottles

Still not accepted are styrofoam or plastic bags.

For more information, see the city's website.



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